Become a volunteer

“Volunteering is a freely given commitment”

The SuperMamans association is always looking for talented new people to help promote and develop it. Volunteers are at the heart of what we offer, both in the field and in our overall organisation.

Become a GiftMama

Being a GiftMama volunteer means being at the centre of SuperMamans’ activity.

The principle is simple: just bring a simple home-cooked meal and give some of your time to sit down with a cup of tea and chat with a new family.

Some families indicate that other services are helpful, such as going to the park, general assistance or walking the dog, so feel free to offer something other than a meal.

Become a ContactMama

To enable hundreds of meetings to happen every year, a robust, efficient organising team is needed.

By becoming a ContactMama, you’ll be the main contact person for the PamperedMama. You’ll handle requests, mobilise the GiftMamas and generally make sure that the pampering goes smoothly.

You’ll play a key role in the implementation of the concept.

Join the board

At the head of the association, you’ll find the board Its main role is to manage the day-to-day business of the association and to ensure that SuperMamans meets its goals and objectives.

Join the board and become part of our managing team!